Sustainability & Recycling

Policy on Sustainability for corrugated paper supplies

Corrugated papers need to be considered in two distinct categories.

1) Recycled papers these represent over 75% of all the material we use in our production and as the name implies are manufactured from recycled fibre and have the sustainability that is associated with such a process

FSC®, who are one of the bodies who certify our virgin papers also run an FSC® recycled certification which adds additional weight to the sustainable credentials of the recycled product. Approximately 96% of our recycled papers now carry this certification.

2) Virgin (Kraft) papers – are manufactured directly from a variety of forestry sources and this has traditionally been the area of concern in relation to sustainability.

As a purchasing policy we endeavour to source paper that has been manufactured from forestry certified by a recognised body as being sourced using sustainable forestry methods.

There are a number of these bodies globally including FSC® ,PEFC and SFI. All of our virgin paper should only be purchased if they are associated with one of these recognised certification bodies.If our customers wish to better understand the scope of these accreditations it would probably be worth them looking at either the PEFC, FSC® or CPI websites all of which will outline the certification process and level of sustainability, environmental protection etc. that each body oversees.


The cardboard boxes we manufacture are 100% recycleable.

Conscious of the need to reduce waste and its effects on the environment, the company have installed the most up to date waste handling system.

This ensures that all cardboard waste is collected for recycling , any dust particles are removed and during winter the warm purified air is piped back into the building to provide a reduction in the overall energy required for heating.

We have also been promoting the re-use of cardboard boxes for over 35 years and therefore our recycling credentials are second to none.

Not only is re-use the best form of recycling but also a way of recouping a proportion of manufacturing costs for our customers.

With the trend toward highly branded printed boxes and wider distribution networks then re-use is not always practical, but, we are always happy to discuss arrangements for this form of recycling in those cases where it is possible.